A Passionate Appeal

Outside the Florida Gators' new football facility in Gainesville is a bronze plaque that memorializes a legendary speech from quarterback Tim Tebow. Following Tebow's impassioned speech in 2008, the Gators won every game the rest of the season-- including the National Championship.  In Galatians 4, the Apostle Paul delivers [...]

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From Slaves to Sons, Part 2

Dr. Jerry Falwell was known to be a man of incredibly generosity.  Many times he would return home in socked-feet or without a jacket-- because he had given away his shoes or coat to a homeless person.  And then there was that time he gave a free four-year college [...]

2017-08-23T16:19:18-04:00August 20th, 2017|

From Slaves to Sons, Part 1

In April of 2015, Laura Ruffino did something very unexpected-- and very amazing-- when she adopted the four daughters of her best friend who passed away from brain cancer.  Laura made a promise that if anything happened to Elizabeth Diamond, she would adopt the girls as her own.  In [...]

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Our Spiritual Riches in Christ

Just a few years ago, Terry Herbert was shocked when his metal detector uncovered the largest cache of gold and silver artifacts ever discovered in England. After the experts were brought in, more than 1,500 rich artifacts were found.  In Ephesians chapter one, the Apostle Paul expertly reveals to [...]

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