Church Membership

Interested in becoming a member of Grace Baptist Church? There are a few ways one can become an official member of our local church.

1. By Baptism
2. By Letter (from prior local church leadership)
3. By Statement of Christian Experience (personal testimony of faith and baptism)
4. By Restoration

If you’re interested in local church membership, step one is to talk to Pastor Will or one of the deacons to let us know. We’ll setup a time to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also provide you with a copy of our church’s constitution and covenant. Feel free to ask any questions about these once you’ve read through them both.

The next step is to fill out our Membership Application and Ministries Survey. Click on each of the links to access those forms. Should you encounter an issue or have a problem with either of these, please email Daniel at The Membership Application will provide us with a variety of information about you and your history. The Ministries Survey lets us know where you’ve served in the past and where you may have aspirations of serving in the future. There is no obligation to serve in any specific ministry based on your responses. This just gives us a starting point as you explore different service opportunities in the future.

We also strongly encourage you to complete a Spiritual Gifts analysis at this time. We recommend the survey by Team Ministry found here, but you can choose another if you’d prefer. Be sure to send your results to when you finish.

Once you’ve met with Pastor Will and the deacons and completed the forms, we’re ready for the final steps! If you have not yet been baptized, we will make sure you understand what baptism entails and setup a date with you. If you have already been baptized, you’ll need to either obtain a letter from your previous congregation or give your testimony during a Sunday morning service. After either of these cases, we’ll take a formal vote to officially bring you into local church membership at Grace Baptist!

Now what? If you’re wondering what Next Steps you can take, click on the Next Steps tab on our website and talk to church leadership to learn more!