The Call of Lady Wisdom, Part 2

Today's most popular contemporary Christian music artists share a similar lineage that can be traced backward to Keith Green-- a singer-songwriter who was one of the most influential musical artists of the modern era.  However, no discussion of Keith Green is complete without acknowledging that his tragic death from [...]

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The Call of Lady Wisdom, Part 1

The Statue of Liberty-- "Lady Liberty" as we know her-- stands in the New York harbor with a torch that welcomes all those who come to the United States seeking safety, peace, and liberty.  In Proverbs chapter one, the writer Solomon creates a female character named "Lady Wisdom"-- who [...]

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Turn from Temptation

Stupid criminal alert!  When his plan to rob a gambling parlor in England ended in utter failure, Umar Mirza learned the wisdom of that famous saying:  "Crime doesn't pay".  In Proverbs chapter one, King Solomon gives powerful insights to all those who would desire wisdom.  What life-transforming instructions does [...]

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The Beginning of Knowledge

Do you ever feel like you're experiencing "information overload"?  Information today is growing at warp speed, and its genuinely mind-boggling.  Every minute, more than 300 hours of new video is being uploaded to the YouTube website.  And that's just one website!  The tragic truth is that even though information [...]

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