A Chance Encounter (That Wasn’t Chance)

When Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz met at RKO Radio Pictures in 1940, it was a chance encounter that would ultimately change television history.  This famous duo would go on to star in the hit-comedy "I Love Lucy".   In Ruth chapter two, the Bible describes a "chance" meeting between [...]

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A Heartbreaking Homecoming

One of the most famous pictures in American history-- the Navy sailor kissing the nurse in the white dress in Times Square-- was taken in the context of a joyful homecoming from World War 2.  In Ruth chapter one, we read about Naomi's homecoming-- one that was filled with [...]

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Ruth: A Story of Romance and Redemption

Millions of people use Amazon's "Kindle" reading device to download their favorite books.  When you visit the Kindle Store, you will discover an amazing array of romance genres:  historical romance, Amish romance, paranormal romance, Western romance, and many more.   In the Old Testament, the book of Ruth is given [...]

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Why Church Still Matters

Pastor Day tells a humorous story of how he wandered around a Scranton festival for more than an hour-- eating and drinking and enjoying-- before he finally figured out what the event was actually about.  In a similar way, many people come to church because of the energy and [...]

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Powerful Proof of the Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15 is the most important treatment of Jesus' resurrection anywhere in Scripture.  It is the resurrection of Jesus that is the heartbeat of the gospel message and the foundation for all our Christian doctrine and living.  In this powerful section, Paul presents convincing evidence that proves Jesus [...]

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