My Help Comes from Heaven

Most of us have a few favorite songs that we love to hear again and again.  This happens because songs have a way of touching the deepest parts of our souls and moving us toward deep feelings of happiness, delight, sorrow, or reflection.  In Psalm 121, the Bible presents [...]

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This is a Healthy Church

NFL coaching legend Vince Lombardi was known for gathering his players at training camp-- hoisting a football into the air-- and saying "Men, this is a football."   Vince Lombardi wanted his players to commit to the basic priorities and fundamentals of quality football.  In Ephesians chapter four, the Bible [...]

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Prepared for the Fight of Your Life

What is the greatest fight in history? Is it Ali vs. Frazier, or maybe Tyson vs. Holyfield? Is the greatest fight Washington's defeat of the British at Yorktown, or perhaps the WW2 battles of Bastogne, France or Iwo Jima in the Pacific? 1 Samuel 17 actually reveals the most [...]

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The Commendable Church

Pastor Ryan tells the humorous story of how he won the "Home Economics Award" in junior high school, and how it was the the most embarrassing commendation a young teenager could ever hope to receive.  Most of us want to be commended for the right things-- not the wrong [...]

2018-09-10T12:26:43-04:00September 9th, 2018|

Far-Away Sinners Brought Near

At the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, the world was shocked by the unlikely friendship of the USA's Jesse Owens and Germany's Luz Long.  Two men who were far from each other in color and nationality-- were brought together by the power of athletics.  In Ephesians chapter 2, [...]

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