The Outcast: Sought and Saved

Michael Franzese was a millionaire mob-boss, when he was finally convicted and sent to prison. But life changed forever as Michael met Jesus Christ there in the pages of Scripture.  In Luke 19, Jesus transforms the life of another rich and notorious swindler named Zacchaeus.  What four surprises unfold [...]

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Met Jesus: Went Away Worse

It's hard to imagine someone meeting Jesus and going away in a worse condition than they came. But that is exactly what happened to a rich, young ruler in Luke 18.  How did this happen?  What shocking truths and spiritual insights did Jesus reveal to this man?  Where did [...]

2019-10-21T08:36:33-04:00October 20th, 2019|

Devotion Over Distraction

Fred and Barney. Lucy and Ricky. Laurel and Hardy. Brooks and Dunn. American popular history is filled with iconic duos. But the Bible has them too. In Luke 10, we meet two sisters who came face-to-face with Jesus: Mary and Martha. But this meeting was more than just a [...]

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A Tale of Two Loves

Charles Dickens' novel "A Tale of Two Cities" opens with a famous contrast: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  When a notoriously sinful woman interrupts a dinner party to pay tribute to Jesus in Luke 7, a number of stark contrasts play out [...]

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